Football Boots.

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Number 1 Guide To Buying Football Boots!


There are so many types of boots these days it hard to choice a make let alone stlye, so Heres My guide which should hopfully help you choice style make and model!


The First thing many people will notice is the size difference between not only styles but makes aswell, take Nike for example, they usally have the perfect length but are slightly wider that what we would call average size, adidas tend to come up a little shorter in length but the width is what we would class as adverage size, umbro I have found to be equal in size so say an average in length and width as to are Puma, Lotto, Joma and A-line.


This is by far one of the most important bit of information I can give you, the leather or synthetic boots are very different and need to be treated as such, leather has come a long way in the boots trade but there are still some golden oldies out their like Umbro Speciali, Puma King and Adidas World Cup, they are made out of soft leather and need to be treated with love an affection after every game, A good tip (from back in the day) is when they are new put a couple of pairs of footy socks on then your boots and jump in a nice warm bath!! this would make the leather which shrinks the first time you get them wet so they mould to the shape of you foot,they can then dry this way and they are perfect,be warned though, they do strech a little as they get older which is why pro footballers change their boors every season.Alan Shearer used to get a size smaller for match days! Goerge Boateng trains in Adidas through the week but plays in Nike! so everyone has there preferances. now the synthetic boots are the ones for us lazy bones!! what You buy is what you get! they dont shrink and they dont stretch! easy to clean and last a bit longer.

Hope This Helps!

Anthony Johnson





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