Football Shirts Fakes

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Im going to make this guide very simple so everyone gets the message.......

Sellers who sell an excessive number of football shirts that are just size Medium and XL are selling fakes.

Lets try again, sellers who seem to have every current jersey and amazing only seem to have sizes.....

Medium and XL are...........SELLING FAKES !!!

Doesnt matter if they live in the UK, doesnt matter if they have a feedback rating of 100%, they have perfect feedback because stupid people cant tell the difference between an original and a rubbish fake.

As a collector and a football lover Im disgusted that eBay does nothing to stop this, the only way to stop these people is to not buy from them and if possible contact them and tell them how disgusted you are in what they do.

Ebay should be a place to find rare shirts and discounted bargains, not counterfeit asian rubbish sold by shameless UK residents who think that by claiming they are in the UK their items are not fake.
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