Footwear care and Maintenance

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Thank you for buying a pair of quality boots or shoes from Genius, carefully chosen by us to bring you style, quality and comfort.

By taking a few moments to read our general care instructions and advice, you will prolong the lifespan of your footwear and maximise your wearing pleasure!

Leather Soles

Many of our shoes and boots have a natural leather sole which offer you a breathable, flexible outsole. Leather soles are a natural product and are porous in wet conditions. For this reason we recommend you avoid wearing your leather soled footwear in the worst of Irish weather.

Many people like to protect this type of footwear by having a qualified cobbler fit a thin rubber sole to the shoe, this is invisible, and can add an extra layer of protection in wet weather.

If your boots do get wet, pack them with newspaper and allow to dry naturally. Never by artificial heat.

After a period of time the sole and heel will wear down, even under normal conditions, making it necessary for them to be repaired. This should only be carried out by a qualified cobbler.

Leather Uppers  

Our footwear is made from the highest quality premium leather, hand tanned by craftsmen. Every pair is unique, having its own distinctive markings and characteristics. No two pairs are the same! Clean your boots with a damp cloth or for more stubborn stains use saddle soap

or a little neutral soap (e.g Dove) and allow to dry fully before treating.

We recommend you polish/treat your footwear at least every 3 months. This keeps the leather supple, protects it from stains and increases it’s water resistance. We have a range of shoe care products in store for all finishes, just ask a member of staff for the product that’s right for you.


Nubuck/Suede/Rough-Out leathers

Due to the fine nap of this leather, extra care should be taken when cleaning. Gentle use of a Suede brush with a nubuck/suede cleaner will remove most stains. To protect this type of footwear, we recommend regular use of a protector spray. This will guard against staining and water penetration. (However the protector spray will not make the footwear waterproof)


…..and Finally


As a general rule, be sure to alternate your footwear, wearing the same pair day-in day-out will shorten their lifespan, they do a lot of work so give ‘em a break.


Use a shoehorn, this will prevent damage to the back of your shoe, and you’ll look cool!


Beds and Shoes, if you’re not in one, you're in the other, so take a moment to care for them.

If you look after them, they’ll look after you!


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