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‘For girls who like nice stuff’


Sadly through having been sold and seeing a lot of counterfit Mulberry bags and Chloe handbags I thought I should share some of my wealth and experience as even tonight looking through ebay I see countless counterfeit Mulberry and Chloe handbags. I know the difference between the two have talked to Mulberry in detail through a lady in the head office and know so much about these bags that may be known or not by buyers on ebay - but please read this before buying a Mulberry handbag or any other designer handbag.

Mulberry are an English company founded in 1970 by Roger Saul. They design stand out bags which are high in craftmenship out of the most luxurious leather. The bags are created for Men and women alike with all sorts of fashions in mind. As well as handbags they create womenswear, menswear and even interior design. Well-known items created are the stunning 'Roxanne' and the ever-popular 'Bayswater'.

Mulberry use a variety of different leather products such as Darwin Leather and Scotchgrain which give Mulberry their individual stand in the ever changing market.

Leather is important to Mulberry and with its sturdy designs this makes Mulberry popualr worldwide.


Replica Bags

These are flooding the market. Even now if you look on listings now for the top Handbag designers there are countless replicas. If you do a yahoo search for replica handbags you can get some amazing replicas of near enough any designer desirable handbag for peanuts! (This should ring some alarm bells already!)

Replica bags are illegal. Owning them, selling them (On ebay or ANYWHERE ELSE) there even are today sites I can see that are selling replica bags as genuine in the UK. It’s so sad.

Replica bags are generally made overseas in China, Thailand, and Malaysia etc. Many of the originals are actually made abroad but these are special factories and not little back street factories. The main factories are huge ( I know this from friends who have been travelling around and see these huge factories in the middle of Bancok etc)

Replica bags can me made of reproduced replica leather, which is basically plastic. This will, after a few weeks wear will disintegrate or start to peel and bearing in mind where people take their bags and if your anything like me, you have your whole kitchen sink in it, this wont last long! Replica bags can be made of leather, these would be the most expensive copies but would not wear the same and would not have the weathered look of say a calfskin leather handbag from Chloe or a Mulberry Bayswater. Calfskin leather is very popular in the handbag market as its soft but wears to a lovely appearance. A calfskin Chloe Paddington for example will not stand up on its own, calf skin leather is so supple it will just sink into itself only when you carry it will it have the appearance it does as a ‘stood up’ handbag. All the leathers of expensive bags are NOT tagged with a leather sample if they’re a 100% authentic designer handbag. Designers simply do not do this.


Chloe Paddington bags have taken a boom on ebay. Even now as I am writing this there are three that I am certain to be fakes. One is baby pink!!!! Chloe did not produce any of the Paddington’s or any other handbag in Baby pink….and do you know what? Its on £300.00 ands it still has a day to go. This is a disgrace. The bag is certain fake and some innocent buyer is paying £300.00 for a bag which I think came from one of the most popular replica sites for £50.00 a bag- and they offer discount if you buy more than one. Revolting.

Let me get one thing clear. Do you honestly think Stella McCartney would have ever thought that her brand name ‘Chloe’ would have had so many replicas? Do you think she would make a designer handbag in baby pink….no way!

The Colours of Paddington’s are generally quite plain, Black, browns, cream, Whiskeys, Tans. They did produce a few dark red but I know from when I tried to order one they were impossible to get hold of. Whiskey was another colour hard to get hold of. I can guarantee that if you had an Authentic Whiskey bag you would not be willing to sell it on ebay for £300 when you had purchased it for such a large amount. Large amount meaning £800+ upwards. Imagine you had a car which was worth £1000 would you sell it for £500? No of course you would not so why would you sell a desirable item for any less than what you knew it was worth? You would not!

They didn’t produce White Paddington’s only off white, or baby blue, or pink and white mixed as I can see on ebay tonight!

Paddington handbags will gradually get less and less as the amount that are sold increase, desirability becomes lower so the company name is at stake.

Mulberry is the other sad case. I only know this because I have seen an amount of Mulberry tooled bayswater’s which I must add are no longer produced, were only on a 6 month production some time ago and cost £595. There are 6 on ebay new with tags ending in the next week. They are all fake. I know it. I have wanted an authentic Bayswater for so long and I cant get one from Mulberry there are none left anywhere. L

Mulberry is a relatively new company on the market and they are very hot on reproductions. They even have a department that deals with reproductions on the Internet. Mulberry only sell bags on their own site and net-a-porter. Nowhere else and this was advised to me by their representative. Daily they get calls from people who have bought Mulberry bags from the Internet such as ebay which are not genuine asking for a refund- or advice as their bag has broken.

Don’t be fooled designer bags have a high price for a reason your not just paying for the name your paying for the fact the bag is made of expensive leather such as calfskin and the production line it has gone through. All bags before they are sold have a check to made sure they are A1 condition and that the bag is good enough to be an original piece. Even the stitches on say my Chloe bag are exactly the same as my friends whose is exactly the same piece by this I mean the number from side to side and from the inside label. The locks are so heavy that the bag sinks when its on a table and the smell the leather is divine.

Would you settle for anything less?

Ebay is very strict on Paddington and other designer handbags and has become increasingly aware of all the bags that exist and as will paypal assist with any disputes.

I would generally say if it doesn’t look like a picture from home address, the bag is on a white background (probably a stolen photo) or the picture is not clear don’t touch it. If you ask the person for more pictures and they refuse – refuse to bid. If the bag looks slightly off colour ask for the actual name of the colour on the label or name of leather is they simply say brown- it’s probably not genuine. Ask for receipts for the bag if they have bought it and selling it with receipts. (Be aware you can get copies of receipts which lull people into a false sense of security that it s genuine piece) A genuine bag comes with lots of little tags receipts everything not a plain little receipt that look like it came from the local street)

I am no expert and this is only a guide but I would hate to think that people are being fooled and spending a months wages on such handbags.

For all the genuine handbag buyers that do exists they don’t get the money their bag is worth because everyone is purchasing a fake L

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