Forbes and Lomax Invisible Light and Dimmer Switches

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Established 20 years ago, Forbes and Lomax have from the start approached the electrical accessory market from an aesthetic point of view. In 1988 the elegant glass, nickel and brass switches of the 1930's were no longer avaliable and the modern equivilents were ugly and unsuitable for the prestigious projects that the interior designers were working on at that time.
   It was with these problems that Forbes and Lomax lauched "The Invisible Lightswitch", a simple transparent acrylic plate allowing the wallpaper or paint to show through, with a stylish metal toggle switch in the centre. These switches were able to combine an attractive design with all the advantages of modern technology.
   Over the years Forbes and Lomax have improved and added to the range, producing high quality switches, sockets and dimmers in a variety of finishes, to suit the demands of both traditional and contemporary architects and interior designers as well as the electrical contractors that form the main backbone of the customer base.
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