Ford Cortina Mk.3 Buyers Giude,

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Back in 1976 we bought a  ( 2 years old)  Mk.3 Ford Cortina, a 1974 (M) Series two, 1600cc OHC, Automatic, 4 dr "L Decor" saloon model, the car is now almost 35 years old, and still has the original engine fitted, with over 325,557 miles on the clock, (Oil / Filter changed every 6 months) it was used every day,  all year round  for 25 years and has proved to be very reliable, Rear Void bushes: The standard type lasted 12,000 miles (were changed once a year) the heavy duty type if fitted instead, needed changing every 2 years. The car is easy to work on from a DIY aspect,  lots of room in the engine bay and all easy to get at, unlike modern cars, (which is why garages loved them), In "original condition" these cars look lovely, drive well, and are a pleasure to own, and you get plenty of admiring looks and comments. RUST: The fact is Ford built them to have a life span of 12 years, the cars were dipped in an electroplated primer, which did it's job well, but neglect from owners and accident damage took it toll on many bodyshells, (when did you last get under your car to clean or rust proof it?) most will answer never, so yes the Mk.3. rusts but it is not the cars fault!!. If you buy one and you want advice on rustproofing contact a club like the Ford Cortina Mk.3 Owners Register, who are very helpfull with advice on all matters Restoration/Parts/Originallity, etc, unless you are able to restor a car, buy the best one you can find/afford, it can be expensive to get them proffesionaly done, A top of the range GXL or 2000E in A1 show condition is worth over £6,000+    the "GT" or 2 dr "GXL" and "L Decor" badged versions are all quite rare, EVERY model is worth buying though, they ALL have the SAME lovely shape outside,just trim levels vary Ford Cortina Mk3, Owners Register
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