Ford Cortina Mk3 a usable classic.

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Thinking of buying a Mk3 Cortina?, then make your choice wisely, over the years most that survive have been modified, so originallity is becoming a problem, so if you want a car as it left the factory, it's worth contacting  the FORD CORTINA Mk3 OWNERS REGISTER which was the FIRST club to cover this marque exclusively, and whos members are keen on originallity.  The Mk3 was made to be used as an everyday car, and performs well at this task, available with either the 1300cc or 1600cc OHV or 1600cc & 2000cc OHC engines, 2 door or 4 door Saloons, or 5 door Estates, with various trim levels, and special editions, the Mk3 Cortina range offers a wide choice with stunning good looks.  Automatic transmition was available with all 1600cc & 2000cc models, and gives smooth and quick acceleration, &  trouble free motoring, with up to 35 MPG.  Trim wise there is the "CORTINA"- "L" -"L Decor" -"XL"-"GT"-"GXL" & "2000E", and it is the last 3 which most people tend to look for, though all models have the same lovely body style and usabillity.
If your looking to buy the "GT" it should have unique front highback seats with the headrest "built in", and a 3 pin stripe bodyline, 1970-73 have all chrome bumbers without the rubber impact pad, 73-76 (series 2) GT models should have the pad.
Bright Arch trims were fitted to the "XL" "GT" "GXL" "2000E" models, and are often missing and very hard to get new, and even second hand are expensive.   Check interiors many cars have replacement ones from other Ford models,  The Following cars are of interest due to the low numbers that survive, The Jeff URNE SAVAGE, The CRAYFORD Convertable, SUPERSEED,  but if you prefer a totally standard car, that's rare, look out for the basic "CORTINA"  or  these limited production models below.
2 door "GXL" (1970-72)  only 400 made by Ford.
"L Decor" ( only available for 1 year of production)
"2000E" (Limited  Edition Model)- only available for 3 months) with unique "extras" (500 produced)
interestingly the 3 millionth Cortina made was a 2000E Saloon, and the very last Mk3 made was a "2000E" Estate car, (both still survive), Ford built 1,126,559 Mk3 Ford Cortinas, in 6 years, it's estimated that less than 900 now survive.

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