Ford Escort Mk6 (1995 >)

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I've had a couple of escorts now and I've compiled a list of things to watch out for and symptoms.

The mk6 Escort was the last of the escorts built by ford, the so called mk7 actually doesn't exist, it's still a mk6, jus with a few minor revisions, such as the instrument cluster, having a digital odometer etc

Tyres, if they are wearing on the front, don't bother getting the tracking done straight away, it's money down the drain, check the condition of the bushes in the lower suspension arms, they are so common to have failed it's unbelievable. you can get a set of arms (passenger & driver side) for about £20 odd quid for pattern ones, if you want genuine, then your looking about £60 A SIDE from your ford dealer.

Starter motors, both mine and a friends are noisy after the engine has fired (on the recoil) not much of an issue but something to listen out for on the fire up, start the car yourself, that way you can watch for the oil light, if it fails to come on at all, then have the switch replaced as it may start leaking, oil then runs down the back of the block, over the sump and flicks off over the lower arms, eating the bushes. resulting in duff arms.

you can then tell if the starter is noisy, as I've had enough practice i can start mine without the noise ever showing up,

Fords are common for rust around the wheel arches, sills, under the battery tray, and around the foot wells. Get it on some ramps if it's possible and have a good poke about. the under body will also give you an idea of what life the car's had, any signs of damage to the heat shields around the exhaust.

The clips holding the fuel lines and brake lines usually break and wont clip back on properly, so bear that in mind, a cable tie is a quick and easy fix if your in a hurry.

i think thats about it at the moment, engines and gearboxes will thrive happily up to 200k miles if looked after and beyond that even.

A good tip would be to register yourself on a ford forum (i use and have a chat with people there, that way after looking at the car you can ask more questions to people who have been there and done that.

Hope this guide helps.
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