Ford Mondeo Mk3 Estate TDCI 130 BHP 2002

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I bought my vehicle 18 months ago and whilst the initial feel of the vehichle is good this feeling soon wears off as the problems occur and occur they will. Every time a fault presents itself I research it and find that it is yet another COMMON problem. This vehicle seems to have a wealth of common problems. My biggest problem to date is with the Dual Mass Flywheel. The first symptom is a starter motor that fails to engage on an intermittent basis, this develops until the starter fails completely, it is easy to think that the problem lies with the starter but the real culprit will be the the Flywheel. The solution is replacement of the flywheel, clutch, starter motor and lower slave cylinder. This job could cost over £1000 although this problem is now so common that the price is getting less. I have now had two flywheel replacements seperated by less than 25000 miles. Even top garages are reluctant to guaratee this repair for over 40,000 miles. The second COMMON problem is with the fuel injection system I have had a fuel injector replaced by a Ford main dealer who refused to guarantee their own genuine part or their workmanship, it seems that the injector problem is only a symptom of a more seriuos injector pump problem, I am still waiting for this very expensive problem to occur, a third common problem is excesive noise due to wear in the serpentine belt pulleys and tensioner. I am now having problems with my tailgate which has a electric locking system which intermittently fails to operate which is most annoying. As a general conclusion I would personnally recommend that any prospective buyer of this vehicle stay well clear. It is my opinion that this vehicle is very poorly engineered, ergonomically poorly designed and the interior appointments are flimsy and not fit for purpose. I cannot recommend this vehicle.

Since writing this report I now feel it necessary to add a further additions, which include failure of the starter on three further occassions along with failure of the air conditioning, radio, turbo unit and an intermittent starting problem due to the key chip not being recognised by the cars computer system. This car really is a disaster and will be disposed of in the near future terminally never to be replaced by anything similar from the Ford range.

Hi again, now this vehichle has developed the following problem, the car runs fine then stops for no apparent reason after leaving the vehicle for a period of time it starts and runs fine then again does the same this unreliability makes the car useless. I again go to the internet and find that this is yet another common fault for which solutions are ambiguous at best. I promise not to bother you all again, this is the worst car I have ever had and an absolute disgrace to Ford engineers. I would never buy any Ford vehicle again after this experience.

My final word I scrapped this vehicle on the  24/11/09 it was a money pit from day one and I decided to cut my ever mounting losses. I could not pass this vehicle on as I would have felt guilty. So I simply said goodbye and good ridance. 

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