Ford Radio Removal Keys (DIN Tools) - Make Your Own

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To remove a radio from certain vehicles Fords especially, but also some others that use a similar system you need a special tool - a "Ford Radio Removal Tool" which can cost between £7-£15. However, I have removed my radio a number of times with my own homemade tool. This is fathomed from a wire coat hanger (the sort you get from the dry cleaners)

  • Wire Coat Hanger
  • Wire Cutter/Tin Snip Tools
How To Make
  • Find a sturdy wire coat hanger (the older ones are better as they are less flimsy)
  • Fetch a pair of wire cutter or tin snips from your tool box
  • Cut off the two sides of the coat hanger approxmately 10cm (4") from either end, to be left with two loops
  • (At this point, you may wish to file down the edges of the hanger to avoid scratching the face of the radio if the should slip)
  • Next bend the wire to fit comfortably into the two holes on either side of the radio.
  • Insert the tools into the holes with a very small amount of force (there will be a slight resistance)
  • The wire loops can then be pressed to the middle of the radio and the unit pulled outwards towards you. The whole unit should then slide out with relative ease.
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