Foredom Flexi-Shafts & Handpieces, where to buy.

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If you are looking for a flexible shaft tool, then you really can’t go wrong with Foredom. Yes, there are cheaper ones on the market, but can you get spare parts and accessories? There are several reasons to go for Foredom.

  1. Superb build quality. Every part is engineered for years of service.
  2. Power, Foredom make the most powerful flexi-shaft tools available
  3. Support, virtually every single nut and bolt can be obtained from Foredom

Apart from Foredoms’ vast range of "Quick change" hand pieces, you can also buy compatible hand pieces by Faro, and Wecheer. In particular Wecheer make superb quality hand pieces, available on here for peanuts as they are made in China (not USA as Foredom originals are).


A big tip, if looking for original "Foredom" Kits or accessories’, look for USA dealers. Here in the UK genuine Foredom equipment is very expensive. Buying from the USA can cost a fraction of the price even with the postage, due to the strong pound v dollar at the moment. The same goes for any jewelers’ power tools (e.g. tumblers). Just ensure you get the correct voltage model.


E.g. I bought a Foredom Hand piece for £25 GBP including postage from the USA.
To buy it from a UK dealer here would cost £88, plus postage!!


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