Foreign buyer scams US,Nigeria,Canada

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most sellers dont have trouble with scammers but there are a few that do , i have made this guide in the hope that you wont get caught out by them!

remember they dont have to live abroad ! ive had a few that were member in the UK but there address and telephone numbers didnt check out

these scammers usually target high priced items like mobile phones,computers or consumer electronics,they usually head straight for new sellers with buy it now products and can cause a real nusance with having to relist and getting your fees back

there are ways to protect yourself from them as follows:-

when you set up your seller account you have options to restrict the type of buyers you dont want such as overseas , bidders with low zero or negative feedback.restrict it to paypal payment only... there are lots of options.

watch your item close to the end of its listing and if any slip through remove there bid fast !

always check these bidders out , look for patterns in there feedback, some will setup spoof accounts selling to themself in order to raise there feedback score, these items will be of very low buy it now items and will sell maybe up to 100 items across anything upto 10 buyer accounts, always check there ID history , how long they have been a member, location in the UK , you can check there postcode against multimap or royal mail postcode listings , you could go to the extreme and use the electoral roll to check that they are who they say they are.

i dont need to tell you that you should never send goods out without payment or accept western union mony tranfer, they even have the front to say things like can i trust you ! and i am sending payment with my agent fees which i am trusting you with wanting you to send it on to them asap which means you could not only lose the item , money and postage costs but you actually write them a cheque for there agent fees,

 some will offer to pay any amount of postage to get it overseas or make a promise that you can share in the resale profits if you send it now.

save all comunication between you and them , never comunicate through private email  some have email addresses at always report it to ebay asap so there account is suspended and ebay will refund final value fees.


i hope this is helpfull to you and your ebay experience is a good one

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