Formal Collar Blouse Buying Guide

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Formal Collar Blouse Buying Guide

When dressing for a professional office or semi-formal occasion where you intend to wear a blouse, knowing the correct style of formal blouse collar is essential. Blouses with formal collars are available in a wide variety of colours but are limited to certain styles that suit formal events or workplaces. Choosing the right blouse with a formal collar is easy once you know the available styles.


Straight Collar Blouses

Collar that feature straight points on the ends are the most formal of women's blouses. Typically manufactured of cotton or cotton blends, these shirts are perfect in a formal office. You can pair them with pencil skirts and blazers. For formal events, unless you intend to make a statement, white, off-white, and cream are the colours of choice for this blouse. Red is a power colour and many women chose to wear red blouses to correspond to the use of the red tie for men. Women's button down Oxford cloth shirts also fall into this category; however, they are slightly more casual than a plain straight collar. You can also find straight collar blouses in chambray material that can serve as casual tops to pair with jeans and slacks. For the business office, the sleeves should always be long, the blouse white, and if you want to exude style, double cuffs are perfect with simple cuff links.


Peter Pan Collar Blouses

Rounded collars, also called Peter Pan collars, are most appropriate for semi-formal occasions or events. The Peter Pan collar is always popular and for many women, it is a staple of their blouse wardrobe. Larger collars are more informal, which is a reverse of vintage blouses in which large collars were popular for formal events. Peter Pan collar blouses pair well with flared or A-line skirts, dress slacks, and casual blazers. Available in a myriad of colours in long, short, and sleeveless styles, these are versatile blouses. For formal occasions always choose long sleeved Peter Pan collar blouses.


Mandarin Collar Blouses

People often call the short, stand-up collars on cheongsam dresses Mandarin collars. You can find these Chinese inspired collars on both blouses and dresses. These collars have been making in-roads into formal wear for a few years. Not as high as most collars, Mandarin collars look best on women who have longer necks. Sleekly pin-backed hair works well with these blouses, and if you can find one in red, it is a blouse said to bring good luck. For formal wear, be sure to select blouses with long sleeves and solid colours that fit well and look good without a blazer. These blouses work well with skirts, so consider pairing pencil skirts with Mandarin collar blouses.

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