Fox Vanilla R 140 (2009)

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Great set of suspension forks for all mountain use, I have the QR15 Lowers which adds stiffness to the fork and helps front wheel tracking when the going gets tough. 
The forks are super plush and have great small bump response as well as very capable when handling big hits. A lot of people who don't own the fork seem to bang on about how they wouldn't buy a fox fork in the UK because they wear out (the stanchions in particular), to keep them running smooth you are supposed to service them every 15 hours of riding.... Well I've owned mine for 2 years and have only just serviced them. When I did service them, the oil was not dirty and the seals were in perfect condition. It was simply a case of replace seals and oil but really after taking them apart, there is no sign of damage or any wear.... Bear in mind I ride in Thetford a fair amount which is one of the worst places to ride as its sandy. When riding sandy conditions, sand gets everywhere and wears down components in next to no time (brake pads especially, I've had sintered pads last just 10 miles in bad conditions out there).

These forks are supreme and they are simple to maintain. Easy to setup and require little attention. I love them for their simplicity and for £300, what a bargain.
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