Fragrance Families

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Floral fragrances represent the most widespread and popular family of feminine fragrances. They range from creations on a single floral theme to complex bouquets. The basic accord at the heart of all floral fragrances is a muguet, or lily of the valley accord combining elements of rose and jasmine. Emotional attributes include soft femininity, refinement and natural sweet freshness. Classic and modern perfume examples are Chloé.

Oriental fragrances are a sensual rich blend of exotic resins, opulent flowers, spices, woody blends, powdery vanilla and musk scents refreshed by citrus, green or fruity top notes. They comprise a major fragrance family for both feminine and masculine perfumery. At their heart is a blend of incense and vanilla, which the perfumer recognises as the “amber” accord. Emotional attributes include richness, warmth, sumptuous opulence and sensuality. Examples include Obsession (Calvin Klein) and Prada .

The Chypre fragrances for women and men are characterised by a Mediterranean blend of dry, fresh, mossy-woody notes based on bergamot, oakmoss and labdanum. They are exotic, intriguing, ambiguous, assertive and often sexy fragrances. Examples include Miss Dior  and Aramis. 
Citrus fragrances are associated with personal refreshment, health and wellbeing. Their distinctive zesty aroma comes from a blend of citrus oils, herbaceous notes like lavender and dry floral elements based on neroli (orange flower) and petitgrain (orange leaf). Emotional attributes are to do with refreshment, rejuvenation, natural health and wellbeing. Classic and modern examples include 4711 Original Cologne and cK one.

The Fougère family includes most of the key men’s fragrances developed. They combine the fresh citrus, herbaceous elements of the Citrus Colognes with rich, warm notes of musks, woods and mosses to create an impression of refreshment, warmth and long-lasting masculine confidence. Popular modern fougères include Davidoff’s Cool Water, Dolce & Gabbana pour Homme, Hugo from Hugo Boss, and D&G Light Blue pour Homme.

Floral Oriental fragrances are where intense orange flower notes meld with piquant aldehydes and sweet spices to create the heart, which are a dominant theme in the women’s fragrance market. The combination of key elements of the Floral and Oriental families allows for a wide range of creative interpretations and concepts. Popular modern introductions include Armani Code for women and The One from Dolce & Gabbana.

Floral Aldehydic group include Chanel No 5, in which a newly available range of aroma chemicals called aliphatic aldehydes are used to give a creamy radiance and sophistication to a powdery-floral composition. Examples include Moschino Couture!, Agent Provocateur Maîtresse and Prada’s Infusion d’Iris. 
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