Frankincense burnt with charcoal for special occasions

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Frankincense is one of the most beautiful and special Aromatic resins. It is produced by the Frankincense Tree, the Boswellia species. The 3 main species of Boswellia are Serrata,Sacra and Frereana. There are diverse `grades` but the best Frankincense tends to come from Somalia,Oman, and Yemen. There is also the Indian Frankincense or Olibanum variety. Many people have different views on which is the `best`.. resin but high up there in the perfumers rankings must come Maydi Frankincense from Somaliland. This resin is stunning in it`s Aromatic quality top, middle and base notes. Also it is quite rare and difficult to obtain, as Somalia is a country at war with itself, and without state structure. Supply can be very erratic. Frankincense in it`s pure form has many properties. The Antiseptic, calming and Healing benefits are unsurpassed. The trees grow wild in the countries mentioned above, and are harvested by nomadic peoples who have their own family `orchard` of trees. The tree is slit, similar to rubber trees. The tree then produces a milky white sap, collected when it has crystalised. In Oman the 1st cut or Tawquii produces the purest and most valuable resin. The major part of which is exported to perfume and cosmetic houses around the world. The 2nd and 3rd cuts made at 2 week intervals, produces a yellower resin. Mankind has been burning Frankincense for millenia and and the tree has given us a rare and beautiful gift. Jesus after all was brought some, along with Gold and Myrrh, shortly after his birth.

Try some resin for your self. Aquire some charcoal and a burner, sit back, close your eyes and relax! Naturalflow, specialise in rare and unique Aromatic resins from around the world.Link to Aromatic resins     Link to Burners for resins

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