Fraud and Scam from a Nigeria Buyer!!!

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A colleague of mine has just been sent the same e-mail as I had, they are still about trying the mug people off. 10-09-2009

This is how I almost got done by a Fraud buyer in Nigeria. I know its a alot read but please read and please take it in, I know people have fallen for this and I don't want any else getting robbed by these guys!!!

I recently sold a PSP on ebay, and contacted after by the buyer asking how mush shipping was to Germany, was this was 'where the buyer was from and lived'. I hadn't put I would ship internatially but gave them a qoute anyway.

The next day while at work I check my ebay as I had others items being sold. I noticed that buyer of the PSP was no no longer register on ebay and only had 1 feedback mark. As you can guess I got the hump and put it down to bad luck.

When I got home I checked my personal e-mail and found e-mails that were said to be from PayPal, eBay and the buyer. Checking the time these were sent before I had checked my eBay at work. Luckily I noticed the emails were from address's that were as they all seemed, although they looked very good.

The adress from PayPal was from and the one from eBay was

The 1st e-mail (sent at 9:04am), said to be from PayPal, said among details of the ebay sale and other PayPal bits...

"To complete this payment, you must ship the item to the shipping address given to you by the buyer and provide us with the shipment tracking number to for verification within 48hours so that we can credit your PayPal account accept or deny it within 30 days.

If you do not accept or deny this payment within 30 days, it will be cancelled and the funds will be returned to Ola Smith's account."

This is not how paypal works!!!

The 2nd e-mail (sent at 9:16am) also said to be from PayPal listed dataisl of the sale on ebay and told me what to do next. The Main body is below, I have edited my details out but left the buyers in.

"Dear xxxxxxxxxxxxx,
Details of  Transaction

Seller's eBay ID: stewie_baby
Seller's Email:
Date of Transaction:  Sep 25, 2008
Transaction ID:  6D694274EY352203K
Transaction Amount: 102.00 GBP
Case #:  PP-091-962-521
What to Do Next
The funds has been deducted from Mrs Ola Smith Account and will be credited into your account immediately the shipment is confirmed .Get back to us with the shipping tracking number and the money will be credited immediately. Mail the tracking number to our customer care at:
Dates Issue: Sep 26, 2008
Please respond within the next 48hrs.
Thank you for using paypal ® . We look forward serving your online auction payment needs in the future.
Gene Braint
PayPal Customer Care,"

The 3rd e-mail (sent 9:39) again from 'Paypal' was telling me the same and to send notifaction that I have sent the item to get my money. Checking my PayPal account no money had been recieved... lets be honest it wasn't going to be. In the this e-mail it gave an a name and address where to send the item... and guess what it wasn't Germany, the address was

45 Binturi Close,
Off Medical Road,

The next mail I recieved (20 odd mintues later @ 10:02) was from ebay saying...

"RNO NOTICE: eBay Registration Reinstatement -
Dear Stewart Grant, 
We appreciate the fact that you are a registered member of eBay and currently having a transaction with(smit777665544)who was suspended due to some reasons we cannot reveal to you,We have reviewed the details of her suspension. After further review, it has been decided that her account qualifies for reinstatement. Please note that, although her account is now active, any listings or bids that were canceled by her account suspension will not be reinstated.We therefore ask you to complete any transaction whatsoever you have with her,since we have reinstate her account.
*Please do not reply to this email. If you have any additional questions, billing inquiries, or concerns pertaining to the status of another account, please visit the eBay Help system for information and access to assistance from eBay Customer Support. You can visit our Help system by clicking on the "Help" button at the top of every eBay page or at the following Web address:
For questions or further information about eBay policy, please visit our Policies section of Help at the following Web address:
We hope that your future experiences on eBay are pleasant and successful.
Customer Support (Trust and Safety Department)
eBay In"

This E-mail was sent before I had logged on and seen they no-longer reistered on eBay and before I noitfied eBay.

The Next E-mail( 10:28) from the 'buyer' with this address...,  said...

"Hello Friend,
    How are you today?Hope everything is going on well with you as it is
here with me.
    It's my pleasure to inform you that the full payment as been made
via paypal which i believe you should have received notification from paypal
regarding the payment via mail... i want the item sent via Royal Mail
Int'l Signed for
to my business partner who is in Nigeria presently for business purpose.
    Am buying this item for him as a gift and to show appreciation for
all he has done in the development of the company......immediately the item
is sent kindly notify paypal with the shipping tracking number given to you
at the post office for payment verification.
Below Here is the postal address again:
45 Binturi Close,
Off Medical Road,
Please make sure the item is well package and sent this Morning to the
confirmed address given to you by paypal in Nigeria via Royal
Mail Int'l Signed for due to urgent need of the item.Do get back to me if
the shipping cost is less than the amount i
paid so i can inform paypal for additional payment and i promise to leave you
a good feedback after the end of the
Hope to hear from you soon.
Am sorry for the inconvenience that i may have caused you.
God Bless you."
This was the last e-mail until 18:19, until I got an e-mail from what was said to be Ebay saying...

"eBay Unpost Item Strike Received for Item #: 200255663234
Dear  Stewart Grant,You have received an Unpost Item strike.
We regret to inform you that your eBay account will be suspended due to concerns we have for the safety and integrity of the eBay community.You were the seller of an eBay item ***Sony PSP PlayStation Portable w/ Accessories***(200255663234) bought off you by Mrs. Ola Smith and she has informed eBay that postage for the item has still not been done, As a result, you have received an Unpost Item strike. Furthermore, you will loose feedback privileges as well we terminating your membership for this transaction if the posting of the item is not done as soon as possible. If the item is not posted within 24hrs of this warning suspension of this account will take place and be advised that you will be prohibited from using eBay in any way. This includes the registering of a new account if the item bought by our customer was not posted as agreed.
Please note that any seller fees due to eBay will immediately become due and payable. eBay will charge any amounts you have not previously disputed to the billing method currently on file.

Safeharbor Department

eBay, Inc"

That is the so far the last. All these where sent within 24 hours for the auction ending.

The 'buyer' was trying to get something for nothing. The things is mentions in the e-mals are ways that PayPal and Ebay to work.

Please keep an eye out for these signs and read eBay's and PayPal's information on what there e-mails looks like. The one's I was sent were good, but you can notice to errors if you look. Also keep an eye out for these email address', user names and land address'.

If you suspect anyone or anything please report them, even if your wrong. I have been lucky but others have not...

Don't let them win!!!!!!!!

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