Fraudster-alert!!! Paul Austwick, Leeds, AKA: PAUL ROBERT

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That 'seller' sold a Citroen C5 to me. 
Ebay-payment-protection EXCLUDES all vehicle-purchases; yet its Vehicle-purchase-advert promises SAFE vehicle-purchase, which I am reporting to the Advertisement Standards Authority!!!!

The seller (his present Ebay-name is "bongchorsau") mentioned ONE fault in his Ebay-listing of this car. I counted so far Nineteen faults, which costs with absolute certainty more than £500 to fix; & the engine-bay, suspension, exhaust-system were not checked yet. 

He is a convicted criminal (search for Paul Austwick, Leeds & you will find this news-report as first search-result; sorry, Ebay rejects outside-links): yorkshireeveningpost news latest-news top-stories leeds garage boss jailed over £160'000 stolen cars.

The address of that fraudster, according to Ebay: 
8 saxon road
West Yorkshire
ls17 5eg
United Kingdom

I trusted Ebay-Payment "protection", which was totally misplaced!!!! [Again: Vehicle-purchases are EXCLUDED from Ebay-purchase-protection!!!!!!!!]

I tried all semi-amicable options already. Every "Authority" is 'passing the parcel'.
It is a "Civil Case" & their is only one option left - to take that fraudster to court via the Small Claims Court, to reclaim the immediate r
epair-costs of this car, as it is not precis ely road-worthy in its present condition, to put it mildly.
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