Fraudulent Dealing - francass1.

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I am alarmed that seller francass1, allegedly of Westcliff, Essex, has been allowed to routinely, it seems, take payment for an item and then not send it. During the immediate post-purchase stage he/she appears to behave normally responding to emails as if nothing is amiss.  Soon after, however, he/she then seemingly ignores attempts to make contact concerning the whereabouts of the goods.

For their part, eBay appear to just hide behind their own policies of, essentially, accepting no responsibility, legally or morally, to do much about it despite their assertions to the contrary.

It is my opinion and experience that this person is a fraudster and scammer.  I have been in contact with other buyers who have similar experiences and are still awaiting some resolution from eBay.

The purpose of this guide is therefore to offer the following advice:

1 DO NOT pay by cheque under any circumstances.

2. If something does go wrong with the transaction DO NOT expect much in the way of help from eBay to resolve it.

3. Check feedback for trends like  item did not arrive, my emails were not answered.

4. DO NOT buy from seller francass1 or anyone at the address 660 PRINCE AVENUE, WESTCLIFF-ON-SEA, SS0 0JB. Incidentally, the contact phone number supplied by eBay was not recognised - there's a surprise!

This may not be likely in the immediate future since I note now that he/she has made their feedback private -obviously to hide their fraudulent behaviour - and currently has nothing for sale.  My guess is that either the current phase of scams has finished (until the next starts) or we shall see this seller back in a different guise that will make detection very difficult. 

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