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Avoid this fraudulent seller: beebeast


I recently purchased an iPhone case. 
Upon arrival, there were issues:The case was a non-leather case and was a fake.
The package was already open
The case was damagedCalled the seller after leaving  an eBay message and text and he advised me it was not him on the eBay account. His telephone number matched his PayPal. I called PayPal and was refunded and advised me to dispose of the case. There are many negative feedbacks about this product on the seller's account. I advise you you all not to purchase from this seller and to avoid at all costs.

If you want a proper genuine Apple iPhone leather case or a leather case then buy directly from Apple or a seller that is clear in their listing and has no negative feedback.

This seller has been reported to eBay and PayPal. I hope this article comes in hand to anybody. 

If you want to lose your money, then go with him. Remember to purchase using PayPal so you're protected - as I was. 

URL to seller's eBay account:

URL to purchased fraudulent, fake false item:

As you can see from the listing, the listing is very deceptive and vague. Please avoid.

You can also see the screenshots for more information.

Screenshots (remove the slashes in the URLS, the only slash that should remain is the one after the M in the 'com'
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