Fraudulent sellers cheating Pay-Pal dispute system.

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Sigh. I have just been conned by one of the oldest seller tricks on eBay. The problem is there is nothing a buyer can currently do to protect themselves while the Pay-Pal rules remain as they are.

This is how the seller does it:

1) Advertises goods as in good/clean/undamaged/excellent/ perfect condition.

2) Takes buyer's money through Pay-Pal, then does not post item.

3) Forces buyer into opening a Pay-Pal dispute on the grounds of non-receipt.

4) Sends item (same day in my case) which is damaged/dirty/misdescribed etc.

5) Buyer is then unable to open a claim for refund under  grounds of misdescription of goods.

6) Result = ripped off buyer, smug seller.

I can of course can leave neg FB but this should not be allowed to happen. As buyers come to realise (often to their cost) there is a DARK SIDE to eBAY trading that spoils it for the vast majority of honest buyers and sellers.  BEWARE!!!

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