Fred Perry/Fr@d P@rry

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BEWARE.......please beware there is a seller on ebay  that has a shop  '99code_shopping' (now known as'  i_99code ) he sells under the name  ' thebuyshop'. He advertises fred perry tops and states he is from the usa.....sadly i fell foul of it......when the package came it was not from the usa, it was from either thailand or glasgow in the united kingdom....which i do not know as i kept trying to get an address out of him as to where to return the item.....i never got an address and contacted ebays new helpline and was advised to open a paypal dispute. i left negative feedback and opened a case i was told i had to send the top back with full tracking to the usa. this was ridiculous as the t shirt is of such poor quality it is probably only worth a quid, consequently i received a negative feedback from this guy despite paying imediatly via paypal and trying to resolve the issue before leaving feedback, I was then in directly blackmailed that if i was to remove his feedback he would refund me and i could dispose of the top.............thsi went on for so could i trust him....after all i had 3 address for this fake top, i wish i had read guides to fred perry as i am a parent of a young son and did not know that fred perry buttons were always the same colour as the material of the top, i have now learnt  but i do not wish for others to be ripped off......thsi seller appears to be a nasty piece of work in MY opinion, obviously i cannot quote others. Anyway i did close the dispute as i would rather loose my money than be blackmailed and let others get ripped off. Do i have the top partenr is taking it into the trading standars office who said they would deal with it and investigate......I ask anyone whoi has been caught do do the same. I only wish ebay could step and deal with people who obviously do not use the feedback system as it shoud be used. Thankfully i have a good feedback but some who have a very low feedback can be really affected by this.

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