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Hi, i hope you find my guide on spotting fakes helpful. Here you can find advise on perfumes, handbags, sunglasses and even childrens toys!


Be aware:
Counterfeit perfume can often burn your skin or leave you with a nasty rash. Tests on some fake fragrances have revealed that urine has been used as a stabiliser. A trading Standards Officer at Cardiff County Council, reports:” With perfume, you really don’t know what you’re getting. We had one bottle of ‘perfume’ analysed, and found it to be pond water with a fragrance added."

Sniff out a fake:
Be wary of products with miss-spelt brand names, no logo, or low-quality packaging. The biggest warning sign is the vendor. As perfumes are perceived as high-end products, they are mostly sold by reputable sellers – distrust the man promising a bargain. Always buy from a trustworthy seller.


Don’t be blind:
Many sellers advertise their frames as "replicas," which is a warning they are fakes. However, many other sellers don´t. Look for shoddy workmanship, cheap, lightweight plastic frames and lenses that may be distorted or bent, and copyright, trademark or brand symbols that do not look quite right. Fakes are all over the marketplace, so be certain that you are buying from a quality, respected seller.

If the price seems too good to be true….
Chances are, if the price of those sunglasses seems just too good to be true, it probably is. If you're looking at brand name sunglasses at a ridiculous price, then they may be fakes or replicas. Always buy from a seller with a money-back guarantee. They can offer decent pricing on brand names while assuring you of the best quality.

Look out:
Sunglasses are seen as an easy target by counterfeiters, as consumers are attracted by the promise of 'designer' versions at ‘bargain’ prices. However, fake sunglasses may not provide any protection at all against ultra-violet rays, leaving the wearer at risk to eye damage. They might look good, but they offer you no protection at all. They’re lethal Watch out for 'designer' sunglasses sold unpackaged, or in flimsy unmarked plastic sleeves. Test the hinges. They will be inferior in fake versions. A lack of peel-off certificate - usually a small label affixed to one of the lenses - proving UV protection is another pointer. The big giveaway with fake sunglasses is you can just scratch off the name.



The little things:
Check the sellers feedback and see how many bags they have previously sold. Look for extras like branded dust bags, boxes (designers love packaging) and identity cards. But be alert. However much you follow these rules the fakers are always one step ahead. In many cases they can fake the packaging and ID cards as well as the handbags, so don't let your guard down. The bottom line is: if you have any doubts, don't buy. Savvy consumers can easily spot fake designer handbags even if they’ve never seen a true designer bag. The quality of workmanship and other factors stand out on fake bags, and when designers are highly renowned for the exquisite work of their products, fakes are easy to notice.

The price:
A new Louis Vuitton handbag for £50/$100 is not authentic. The real thing often sells for £250/$500 to well over £500/$1000. Same thing for Prada and Gucci.

True designer bags have tight, even stitches, while knock-off bags may have loose, shoddy workmanship, uneven stitches, or even missing stitches where fabric (especially on the interior) is glued rather than sewn.

Interior labels of designer bags will say made in Italy, and while some fake designer handbags do as well, others will stipulate made in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, or other manufacturing nations.

Designer Logos:
Most designers affix signature logo plates to their bags. Those plates should be crisply printed, while fake plates may be blurry or slightly inaccurate. A common trick is to misspell the designer’s name: Prada becomes Proda, for example. Also look for logos printed on interior linings – fake bags often lack this detail.

Authenticity Documentation:
Designer bags often come with certificates of authenticity to prove their origins. Fake bags will be missing this paperwork, though sellers may claim it will be mailed or was simply lost.

Incorrect Styling:
Fake bags may be offered in colors or styles that authentic bags are not. Don’t believe sellers who try to claim that the unusual design is simply rare and therefore a better deal.

Misaligned Details:
Bags that use rivets or crystals, such as Juicy Couture handbags, should have straight lines and symmetrical spacing; fake bags are less carefully assembled and may have poorly aligned accents.

Initial Damage:
Designer bags are carefully wrapped (typically in paper or tissue) for protection until they reach the consumer. Any bag that exhibits damage when it is supposedly “new” is likely a fake item – look for scratches, scuffs, small tears, and other seemingly minor imperfections. The fashion handbag industry prides itself on superior quality, and such scratch-and-dent items would never be permitted to be sold.

Fabric and materials:
Fake bags use lower quality materials: leather may feel like plastic instead of being soft and supple or the dye job of the fabric is uneven and splotchy.


Among the dangerous fakes in circulation are Star Wars figures coated with paint with high levels of lead; fake Pokémon watches with detachable parts that could choke a small child; fake Beyblades with sharp metal edges; counterfeit Bob the Builder soft toys with such poor stitching that the stuffing and beads fell out; children’s clothes, especially pyjamas and T-shirts, which may be inflammable; bogus perfumes that may be harmful to the skin; and electrical hair styling products with faulty plugs. The BSI Kite and Lion quality marks which indicate that the toy or clothing has passed rigorous safety tests. Also make sure that toys comes in original sealed packaging and always buy for children from reputable sellers.

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