Free ipod / iphone offers - do they work?

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No Doubt most people reading this will have at some point seen an offer like this and wondered....

...but it sounds too good to be true right?

Well I finally took the plunge and tried it out, and I can happily tell you that I recently got a free iPod for my wife!

Obviously I can't guarantee that every website out there works, however I used the site below, and it worked perfectly - as soon as I had met the criteria and chosen my gift, it arrived in a couple of days!

this is how it works:

  1. Click on the link above (or past it into your browser)
  2. give them your email address, name, address and choose a password - nothing more personal than that - no bank details are held by freebiejeebies!
  3. choose from a list of decent offers - for example:
    • Lovefilm - free trial - doesnt cost a thing!
    • HSBC Bank - open a current account
    • Books Direct - discount book club
    • Intuit - personal websites - 1 month free trial
    • there are loads more!
  4. refer friends to do the same - for each person who signs up and completes an offer, you get 1 referral credit.(yes this is why the link has my number at the end - to make sure i get my referral credits - please dont cut it off - it makes no difference to your account, but gets me a bit closer to that new iPhone! - thanks!)
  5. Choose your gift - iPod shuffle is only 2 referrals, iPod nano just 5 referrals, iPhone only 16 referrals - also available are apple macbook air laptops, ipod touch, imac computers, apple tv, ipod classic, and even if you dont fancy any of the above, custom orders for any thing you want - apple or not!
Good luck, and dont forget to click yes below once you have tried it out and found it to be good advice!

if you need further proof, you can go to which is a forum for sites like freebiejeebies and you will see the large numbers of people getting their free gifts!
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