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Fantastic idea bringing this on board as of 12 march 2009, list what you like in the auction 99p or less and pay no fees, sounds too great to be true but be warned, the sale fee has gone up to 10% of the sale not the 8.5% which it was. So you will be paying 1 1/2% more if your item sells which may not justify the free loading at 99p. Nice idea and will work providing the item sells but what out for the extras for additional pictures, bold print and shop fees, they will rack up your monthly bill very quick. If you find you are paying a lot, check out the subscriptions bar on the left of  MY EBAY and see exactly what you are paying for, when i checked mine i found i was paying for extra things which i knew nothing about but i had obviously not checked the small print when i registered . It is a saving if you find you are paying for these extras which you may never use or just accepted as being part of the program. Most people dont check this at all so have a look and see where your money goes. You might actually find you want to subscribe to a facility which may enhance your sales.. Have fun with the ebay experience but remember you want to sell for lots and pay little, its the only way to be.


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