Fresh Clothes for those who Sell Bundles of Clothes

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I thought I would write this as a little tip for people who sell baby clothes, especially in bundles.

The majority of you wash the items, although don't iron them. (they usually get all creased in transit anyway) Saying that baby clothes tend not to crease as much, when hung out to dry properly. But there are times where the washing smell can fade.

Well I like my bundles to reach the customer smelling lovely and fresh, but these sheets that you use in the tumble dryer can be over priced.  As I always have a pack of wipes around, I make my own freshener sheets.  You get about 7 -10 wipes (or more if you have lots of clothes to send), and open them up into the washing up bowl.  Pour over some softer (Lenor for example) so it covers the wipes completely, and leave them for about 2-3 hours.  You then ring them out, so they aren't dripping wet. And leave them to dry overnight, there you have some lovely strong smelling sheets which will make your clothes smell lovely when they get to the buyer.
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