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Do you want fresh, clean hair every day? Who doesn't?

Using shampoo everday is really bad for your hair. It strips away essential oils and with all the heat used drying it, it can split it making it look dry and damaged.

There is a lot of interest in dry shampoos at the moment. But I have heard so many bad reviews of them. That they leave your hair tacky like it is full of hairspray, that it creates a dandruff look and sometimes can make it look greasy.

So what is the answer?? Talc. Yes, everyday normal talc. Nothing special, nothing that costs lots of money. Women have been using talc in there hair for years.
Dont put too much in or you will lose your colour and look grey, but sprinkle some on and rub it into your scalp. It is natural, will not strip your hair and absorbs moisture so that your hair will not longer look greasy, and you will be ready for your day.

You could also use perfumed talc, to make it smell fresher. Simple, easy and works far better than dry shampoo!! I currently use the lavendar baby talc and it works a treat. Hopefully you will enjoy using this simple but effective way of making your hair healthy and look great every day.
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