Freshwater Fishing Reels Buying Guide

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Freshwater Fishing Reels Buying Guide

One of the most popular participation sports in the world is fishing. Freshwater fishing is an enjoyable activity that can be carried out competitively or for fun, and need not be expensive. Relaxing, skilful and rewarding, it is something that people try once and yearn to again. A fishing expedition offers a chance for the angler to get away from the daily stresses of life, either alone or with friends, and whether fishing for sport or food can yield satisfactory results.

As with all sports the right equipment is vital. A good angler will want to have rods that they feel satisfied with and these days the range of accessories and fishing gear available is comprehensive. Whether the angler is experienced or is a novice, it pays to have the best equipment that the budget can stretch to. eBay sells all the necessary equipment for coarse fishing including reels and lines. When it comes to freshwater fishing reels the choice is important as there are many factors to consider.

Choosing the Right Freshwater Fishing Reel

Choosing the ideal freshwater fishing reel is not the work of a moment. There are several factors that will influence the decision, and they are divided into sections: experience, the type of fish being targeted and the style of fishing preferred. We will look at each in relation to the different types of reels available, as this is often the defining factor in buying the right model.

There are three categories of freshwater fishing reels: baitcasting, spinning, and spincasting. Each has its own specific characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, and each is preferred for a different type of fishing experience. Furthermore, some are recommended for beginners, while others may be best left to the expert.


Baitcasting reels are the choice of many an expert and they are preferred for accurate casting. Such a reel uses the weight of the lure and the bait to propel the line from the reel. Using a heavier lure will enable a longer cast. They are typically used with heavy lures and for catching bigger fish. Practising with a baitcasting reel can be an excellent way of perfecting ones cast, and is recommended by experts.

These reels have become more technologically advanced over the years. Many now incorporate drag systems that can be adjusted. This means the angler has control over how much line is cast in one go. The possibilities with baitcasting reels are excellent, and they are a very popular choice. Some such reels are designed for overhead casting, others for side-arm casts, giving a choice of styles according to the angler’s preference.

Spinning Reels

Spinning reels are very popular and work in a similar way to the baitcasting version, but with certain specific characteristics. The typical spinning reel will be open-faced – as opposed to one that is fully enclosed – and works by casting a line from a spool that is not turning. As the spool is standing still it allows for less entanglement and disruption. The reel incorporates a metal wire across the spool, the bail wire, which is released to launch the line. The line is carried by the weight of the lure and the bait.

 It should be remembered that this type of reel is specifically left or right handed. Spinning reels can be used for catching everything from small to heavier fish. There is a technique that needs to be learned, but it is worth persevering if the angler is new to the sport. All such reels will incorporate an anti-reverse mechanism; this means that the reel can be locked to move only in one direction when reeling in a catch. This can be either automatic or manual in operation.

Spincasting Reel

As the name suggests, this type of reel combines aspects of both the spinning reel and the baitcasting reel. Its ease of use makes it the ideal choice for the beginner. This type of reel is closed face, and is designed for various uses. They are mainly intended for smaller fish, but there are models that will handle bigger catches. The spool is designed to be stationary until the angler releases a button, and the cast is propelled by the lure and the bait. Spincasting reels are known for their ease of use and reliability, and are among the most affordable of all types of reel.

Those are the three most common types of freshwater fishing reel, and with so many models on the market from a range of makers such as Shakespeare, Daiwa and Shimano finding one for specific needs should not be difficult. However, part of the process of buying the right reel involves knowing about the various parts involved, and the materials used.

Materials and Construction

Freshwater fishing reels have been around for a long time, and although they have evolved over the years the basic premise remains the same. There are certain considerations that should be made when considering buying a reel, based upon specific components of the device, and they are split into five sections:

  • Spools
  • Frames
  • Line Capacity
  • Gear Ratio
  • Bearings

Each of these can have an effect on the price of the reel, so let’s have a look at them in more detail.


The spool is the detachable part of a freshwater fishing reel, and is the part that is designed to hold the line. It is available in graphite and aluminium, both of which can be bought on eBay separately, and have their own unique benefits:

  • Graphite spools are designed to be light and resistant to corrosion and many anglers prefer graphite spools for their usability and style.
  • Aluminium spools are more expensive than graphite spools and some say more durable, most top of the range reels use this type.

Spools are an important consideration when choosing a reel as often the more advanced the spool indicates a parallel with the reel.


Quite simply, the frame is the part that holds the reel together, into which the spool is fitted. It, too, is available in either aluminium or graphite, with the former being more expensive and durable. This is one of the major influences on the price of the reel.

Line Capacity

This is one of the most important factors of all when considering purchasing a freshwater fishing reel. Line capacity is the amount of line that the reel can handle. The capacity required depends upon the type of fishing the angler is indulging in. There are some reels that have a very limited capacity – around 15metres maximum – and these are used for fishing in small ponds or streams. Others can hold up to 900metres and are intended for use when fishing in bigger lakes. Line capacity should also be considered in regard to the depth of the water, and the type and size of fish the angler wishes to catch.

Gear Ratio

The gearing of a reel is an important consideration as it directly affects the speed at which the reel will bring in the line. The angler cranks the reel with a handle which is connected to the gears, and different gearing will have a varied effect. As a rule of thumb, higher gear ratios come into play when the fish are close to the surface; lower ratios are very useful for deeper waters.


Most reels will use ball bearings to enable the reel and spool to work as efficiently as possible. The quality, number and type of ball bearings involved have a direct influence on effectiveness of the reel. The more bearings within a reel, the smoother it tends to be, and the more expensive it is likely to be.

How to Buy Freshwater Fishing Reels on eBay

There are many different brands, types and styles of freshwater fishing reel to be found on eBay, and all at a range of affordable prices. There is an extensive range of fishing gear, videos and fishing accessories of all types, and many vendors offering free delivery and affordable prices.  Using eBay is extremely easy; once you have decided upon the type of freshwater fishing reel you want you simply go to and choose the Fishing section under the Sporting Goods category header. The choice of fishing equipment is comprehensive, and you can narrow your search down by entering a brand name or model number into the search box, or by selecting sizes and other details on the drop down menu to the left. If you need further advice on buying freshwater fishing reels on eBay you can visit the Search Tips page, and you can also look in the eBay Stores section for more choice on fishing reels at eBay.


There are many reasons why fishing is such a popular pastime and sport; it is at once relaxing and stress free, yet the thrill of a bite is what makes it exciting. Bringing in a prize fish is a wonderful experience that many people revel in, and there is a sense of achievement and satisfaction after the wait. As the angler becomes more experienced they will want to invest in better equipment and try new techniques, and practice a different approach to the sport. It is a rewarding pastime and one that has many fanatical followers. Freshwater fishing need not be expensive, and there are many highly regarded fishing reels from top brands for sale on eBay at very competitive prices. To keep within an allotted budget eBay is an excellent way of getting hold o the right freshwater fishing equipment and gear.

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