Freshwater Tropical Snails being sold..................

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I used to sell many snails and shrimps on Ebay. I have bred them for about 6 years and researched them along with people on the Applesnail website.

There are certain people on ebay now that i have noticed that are selling snails with false descriptions, eg. Suitable for planted tank, don't have to be fed will live on algae alone. Please do YOUR OWN research when buying snails. Visit

The main breeds that i see being sold are Pomacea bridgesii also called Brig. These do not eat plants. The other breed that are being sold are the Pomacea Canaliculata these grown alot bigger and DO eat plants. The easy way is to look at the spire of the snail the Brig is alot more pointed and they lay pale pink eggs. The Cana's lay bright pink eggs.

Apple snails CANNOT live on algae alone. They have to be fed. They love most vegetables and bottom feeder foods. They will NOT eat fish unless already dead. They CANNOT be kept with Puffers, Barbs, some loaches, Bettas and Clown Loaches. Also be careful with fin nipping fish like danios as i have had them nip tentecles.

I do not mind anyone emailing me regarding the care of snails if needed.

If you receive them by post there is no excuse for DOA we sent out over 1000 snails over 2 years and never had a DOA.
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