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This person is a thieft, a crook and someone of very low moral fibre.

After winning an auction with us we sent them the correct item as the auction was for a tuning box and we couldnt take a photo of all the models but because the one we sent didnt match the one in the photo they made a claim with paypal which they won.

They had the goods and also a refund.

Then they sold the same item which they didnt pay for on ebay 2 further times using different accounts, if you look at there feedback you will see we posted the item numbers in the feedback we left them.

This is 100% proof of there attempted theft.

We contacted ebay who of course did nothing as usual.

They are only interested when people dont pay there fee`s and not when companies get ripped off.


Anyway, this person is a thief, they will con anyone they can as proven many times.

email me for further info if needed.

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