Front mounted child seat- Co-Rider - customer reviews

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Below are coments from customers who have posted reviews on various cycling forums.

"We bought one of the early Co-Riders from Ebay. At the end of a long day i took my overtired daughter for her first ride. 1 Hour later and Im riding up and down the road as she refuses to get off! I had read plenty of reviews regarding frontal impacts but really dont get them. How fast do you have to ride to go over the bars? I have never so much as had the rear wheel lift. The effect on the handling is negligable. Since we bought the bikes and the Co-Riders i have lost 2 1/2 stone in weight. My daughter weighs 2 stone and sits where my belly used to be!!!! We do most of our riding on bridle ways and country lanes and even on the dirt tracks the bike is stable. I dont claim to be a serious off road rider... this is not what the Co-Riders is for. The simple fact is that I love it and more importantly my daughter loves it, we ride together every day as a family and she loves being able to see whats going on and pointing out the animals, cars, flowers as we ride. Our friends have all tried our Co-Riders and 3 of them have now bought them from the web site ( We look quite a sight riding together with our todlers up fornt giving a running commentary...pedal faster daddy! My advice, try as many different seats as possible and see what suites you and your child."

"I recently came off my bike when rear ended by a car at some traffic lights. The rear seat we had was trashed!!!! The car driver dropped his phone...! I decided at that time that I would never put my son in another rear mounted seat. Luckily I was riding alone at the time. I had read lots of reviews of seats both front and rear and alot of them commented upon the possible danger of front mounted seats if you hit something so hard you went over the handlebars. After this accident I decided I would rather ride slower than run the risk of another rear impact. We had spent alot of money on our rear seat and it really was a mess, heaven knows what would have happened if our lad was in it at the time. We first saw this seat in use while on holiday. We chased the rider and found out where they have bought it. I purchased ours from the website. It arrived well packed in a postal box with clear instructions on how to fit it. I did like the fact that they tell you it is not a five min job to fix and set it up the first time. I hate it when your told its a five min job and half an hour later your still going, so 10 out of 10 for honesty. It did take a bit of thought to set it up. I moved it about a couple of times to get it just right and marked its position on the frame with a blob of Tippex. I did like the inclusion of the 2 strips of inner tube to protect your frame when you tighten the clamp. Simple but effective. Once fitted it is easy to remove and refit and the blob on the top tube means it goes back each time. If your thinking of getting a child seat I would recomend you ask yourself what type of riding your going to do."

"Only had ours a few days and we love it! Being able to talk while riding is great and having my son safeley sitting between my arms gives a great feeling of protection. Not a quick fit but solid when on, and easy to remove when set up. He can't sleep while on the bike but getting covered in mud together has never been so much fun!er legs but not much, if however you want to enjoy riding with your little one and start the process of teaching them to ride I dont think there is a better product."

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