Fruit Machine Manipulators! Get all the cash!

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Get all the cash, thats the motto, of the sellers, except the cash wont come from a fruit machine, it will come from gullible buyers, who buy these so called fruit machine manipulators.

You may have seen the auctions, for the little items that look like car alarm keyfobs, sometimes they call them "viking" or "shark". You know why they have these names? Because they ARE car alarm keyfobs (although sometimes they are not even working ones!) and those are the actual names on the car alarm.

You can buy the same item in maplins for a low price, and guess what, it wont get any money out of a fruit machine - unless you tape it to the end of a sledgehammer... Thats the only way it would work.

Save yourself some money, dont be taken in by these crooks selling these items on ebay, they dont work, never will work, and if they did work, you can be sure they would not be for sale on ebay!

What about those "real" or "new" or "improved" ones, now that the word is out about the car alarm keyfob ones, more sellers are selling the niftier looking devices.

These are simply cheap walkie talkies, usually motorolla. Useless on their own (if they even work, probalby selling a bust one!) as you cant talk to your mates on them without the other one! They certainly wont get anything out of a fruit machine.

Even if they did work, you would go to prison, for theft, if you tried it (and stand a good chance of a court appearance / prison) if caught using one that doesnt work, if they can prove you were out to obtain money by deception.

Many ploys are used to get people to think these are genuine, terms such as

"This is similar to the key fobs used in arcades to help empty the machines without opening the actual machine"

are sometimes used - this is again, a lie.

Fruit machines do not have magical remote devices to emtpy the cash. They are emptied one way only, via KEYS, good old solid metal keys that open the locks for the outer doors and inner cash box doors.

The ONLY remote link on some fruit machines is a infra red link (like used on a TV remote) that is used by a engineer to download data from the machine. This cannot be used to get any money from the machine.

Another ploy is to tell you they made loads of money from the device, but "got caught" so they cant use it any more and have to sell it.

Think about that one for a moment... They got caught. Trying to obtain money by deception (the fact that it would never actually get any money out makes no difference to a court of law, its the intent that matters.) Do you really think the police would say, your nicked, oh and by the way, you can keep the device so you can sell it to someone else? Course not, it would be kept as evidence, then destroyed.

Just to repeat, there is no way these devices work, and a good test is to email the seller and ask them lots of questions, bet you dont get a reasonable reply - if any reply at all.


Save your money, dont give it to dishonest crooks.

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