Fujifilm XP60 Vs. Samsung PL20

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Digital cameras can be a tough shopping decision, due to the plethora of features to mull over. The Fujifilm and Samsung are good choices for camera buffs and photographers alike. The Fujifilm shines with its high camera resolution, however the Samsung impresses as well.
Fujifilm XP60 Samsung PL20
Features Fujifilm XP60 Samsung PL20
Exterior Color Yellow Black
Integrated Memory size 95 MB Not Specified
HDMI Output Yes Not Specified
Screen Diagonal Size 2.7" 2.7"
Digital Camera Type Compact Compact
Digital Cameras_Sensor Resolution 16.4 MP 14.2 MP
Digital Zoom 10x 12.5x
Max Resolution Video 1920 x 1080 Not Specified
Optical Zoom 5x 5x
Screen Technology LCD LCD
Weight Not Specified 104.32 gr

Fujifilm XP60

The Fujifilm has a 16.4 MP camera resolution, allowing you to enlarge images without sacrificing clarity. Moreover, its 5x optical zoom enables you to get tight shows from further away. Use it with your high-definition A/V equipment thanks to the Fujifilm's HDMI connection. Furthermore, it has a 2.7-inch screen size, allowing you to relish a panoramic viewing area.

Samsung PL20

The Samsung sports a 14.2 MP sensor resolution, allowing you to show off stunning detail in your photos. Also, its 720p HD video helps you create professional looking high-definition video. You can capture lots of detail even when far away thanks to its 5x optical zoom. Plus, the Samsung has an HDMI connection, allowing you to connect to HD televisions or projectors. Its 2.7-inch screen size helps you see images easily without straining.

Comparing the Fujifilm XP60 Vs Samsung PL20

The Fujifilm comes out ahead. The Fujifilm features a 15% greater camera resolution, so you can make bigger image enlargements with more detail. On the other hand, the Samsung rivals with a convenient HDMI connection, a large screen size, and a modest weight.

Buying On eBay

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