Fujitsu Scanspeed S1300

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What a fantastic bit of. kit !. I bought one so we could put our company books into PDF format but then bought another for home use. Everything that comes into our house in now scanned and filed then shredded unless its an important document. Business Cards, Statements, General letters etc even supermarket and petrol bills are all whizzed through my little copier.

It came with its own charger and software including PDF. you don't need the charger as you can plug into your laptops USB ports, one for the power and one for the data. This means you can take it on the road and scan in those important order forms so they hit the office before you leave your clients car park !

Scans both sides of the paperwork and in colour, if the back is blank it doesnt scan it !.I've bought lots of electronic gadgets over the years but this one is a real winner. We did a lot of research before buying one and discounted the larger S1500 and the Neatdesk unit as well.  The S1300 works with Mac's and PC's the software is easy to load and easier to use. I set up a folder called Scanned Docs and then a A to Z range of folders so as stuff comes in its scanned and filed straight to the correct sub folder and then shredded, simple, works out of the box and is a real winner with me !.  Highly recommended


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