Full Lace Wigs - Knots Explained

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There are a few different knotting methods that can be used when a lace wig is being made.
The different knotting methods each have there advantages and there disadvantages but sometimes it can all get a little confusing if your quite new to lace wigs!
Hopefully this little guide will help clear things up for you, so you can make an informed decision when you order and purchase a full lace wig (as regards the knotting methods)

Ok lets get going then!

Single Knots
A single not is when the hair is handtied into the lace unit one by one and secured with a single knot. The result is a very natural apperance, like the hair is growing out of the scalp when the lace wig is worn. The disadvantage to the single knot is that it is not the most secure of knotting methods, so the hair can easily shed from the lace base, resulting in bald patches on the wig.
Overview - single knots - undetectable but easy to shed

Double Knots
A double knot is when 2 or more hairs are taken and tied into the lace using a double knot. The result is a secure knot that is not quite as undetectable as the single knot on closer inspection, but is alot more secure, greatly reducing the risk of the hair shedding form the lace base.
Overview - less undetectable upon closer inspection - strong, less risk of shedding.

Triple/Reversed/Hidden Knots
The triple/reversed/hiden knot is one of the newest hand knotting techs used to make lace wigs today.
A mesh insert is used (usually silk) at the front/parting line of the wig and hair is hand ties inbetween the layer of silk and the lace base and knotted 3 times, making it very secure.
Because the knots are tied between the silk insert and the lace base, the knot is hidden, making it totally invisible!
The result is an extreamly natural option, with no visable knots and securly tied hair.
Overview - super natural appearence, Strong, greatly reduces the risk of the hair shedding.

Bleached Knots
A bleached knot is when the knot on the hair is bleached using peroxide to make it less visable in the lace base unit. Bleached knots are a great option for crown, parting sections and the perimeter as the wig, giving the wig a more natural appearence. The downside of bleached knots is that, the bleaching can weaken the knots, so thats somwthing else to be thinking ablout.
Overview - bleached knots give a more natural apperance, bleaching can weaken the knots.

I hope you have found this guide helpful,

Emma - Advanced Lace Wigs
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