Fun With Toddlers

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Toddler's games are designed not only to entertain your children but of course games have an educational value too. Toddler's are developing by playing the games mentally and physically and they do not realize that. Therefore, it is important part of life playing games with toddlers. For them and for us, parents, too. Here are some tips on games todlermi to keep their interest and develop a range of knowledge.


Use empty plastic bottles. Certainly, everyone has them at home. To stand them firmly fill up a little bit of water into the bottles, your toddler will have more difficult task. To have even more fun with your toddler you can paint on the bottle various images. Place the bottles in a certain distance and how bowling ball you can use the soccer ball, or another ball. You can experiment with different sizes of balls. This game improves your toddler's coordination.

Sorting objects

Sort objects helps your toddler learn to characterize different types of things. Choose three categories of objects, such as by color, size and shape. And put the things into one basket. Your child may select them from a basket case, and sort them by category you have chosen. After the completion of the tasks you can talk with your child about the differences between each category.

Basketball with paper napkins

Use a basket for a dirty laundry. Show your toddler how to make a small ball from paper napkins. Then show how to throw the ball from napkins into the basket. This game is designed to improve your toddler's patient and coordination.



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