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I am writing this guide to make certain that all who read it are fully aware of the brutality and cruelty involved in producing a garment, or other item, made from real fur. 

An estimated 2,000,000 dogs and cats are slaughtered and sold annually as part of the international fur trade. The international fur trade does not deny that it deals in the dog and cat skins and it is quite legal for products made from this fur to be sold in Britain and Europe. Fur products do not have to be labelled by species. China is the largest and most inhumae producer of real fur in the world. I witnessed an atrocity when I watched a short movie of a dog being skinned alive in China. It will affect me until the day I die. 

Where do the animals come from?
Most dog and cat fur comes from countries in the Far East, and filmed evidence of the way in which the animals are kept and slaughtered reveals horrific cruelty.Some dogs and cats are bred on farms many do not come from a formal breeding operations. Stray animals can be rounded up and sold for their skins but a large number come from families who keep a few cats or dogs in appalling conditions to slaughter during the winter.

Ironically, long haired cats are kept as pets in China yet an estimated 500,000 of the short haired variety are raised only for their pelts. German Shepherd dogs are the most commonly killed dogs in China as their fur resembles the fur of wild animals such as coyote or raccoon.

A investigation by the Humane Society of The United States found a fur trader in Belgium claiming to get pelts from a Belgian cat farm.

How are they killed?
The slaughter process is horrific. Recent film shows a dog tied up tightly by its neck with wire to a gate before being stabbed in the groin and left to bleed to death. On more than one occasion investigators reported that the animals were skinned whilst still alive. They also saw cats killed by being hung by the neck from a piece of rope that tightened as the cats struggled causing them to eventually suffocate. On other occasions they witnessed cats being hung from a wire while water was poured down their throats until they eventually drowned. A slit is then made in the stomach and the fur pulled up and over the cat's head. Cats may still be alive when they are skinned, what is important to the skinner is that the cat's skin is preserved in one piece to optimise its value.

How is the fur used?
Dog and cat fur is used in a va riety of products including fur coats and jackets, fur trimmed garments, hats, gloves, decorative accessories, blankets, stuffed animals, pet toys and toys.

In some countries coats and jackets made from dog and cat fur are openly on sale as such but in countries where the use of these animals is less popular it is often not labelled clearly.

Dog fur exported from the Far East may be labelled or referred to as 'fox', 'Asiatic raccoon dog', 'Gae-wolf', 'Sobaki', 'Loup d'asie' and 'Dogues de Chine'. Cat fur is also known as 'Wild cat', 'Katzenfelle', 'Goyangi' and 'Mountain cat'. Some items are simply labelled as 'real' or 'genuine' fur.

Identification can be made difficult once the fur is dyed and/or trimmed as it is virtually indistinguishable from other furs such as mink, rabbit or fox. Often the fur on gloves or hoods, etc. is not made from a single piece of fur and could contain fur from a number of animals making it very difficult to identify. The importer of the fur garments or items usually chooses how the product is to be labelled and presumably will do so to reflect acceptability to the customer.

I have seen, with abhorence, that some shallow and uncaring people sell fur on Ebay. I have written to Ebay asking them to review their policies on the sale of fur on the site, but as yet, nothing has changed. A lot of callous people in the US are selling very expensive full length coats on Ebay. I ask that anyone reading this, please email Ebay at suggest at ebay dot com and asks them to ban the sale of all real fur on their site. I would also ask that you contact any ebay sellers who sell fur, and point them in the direction of the PETA video on Chinese fur farms.

Please rate this guide, as the more positve ratings it receives, the more people will see it and hopefully read it and take action against this vile trade.

Thank you for your time.

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