Furniture 4 all - Purplehog11 Gone bust

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Well.... Credit where credit is due, Ebay have contacted me and offered me a full refund.  Hopefully others will have got thissuccessful conclusion also! Fingers crossed the money actually appears!!

Thanks ebay, my faith is restored!

Anyone who has suffered from this company going bust, please still log your claim with paypal even if it is over 45 days!!!!!  Paypal will, if enough people complain, look over and above the 45 day limit!!!


Do your job and log it, you never know you might get your money back but so may lots of others because you did this!

I have logged everything i can with both ebay and paypal.  I have also contacted paypal who basically told me i had to wait to see if there were enough claims/complaints about this seller.

I have also contacted Watchdog, the BBC1 program to tell them about this in the hope that if Ebay choose to do nothing about this that they may get involved and help us out.




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