Futera Online World Football - Series 3 Guide

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All the information in this Futera World Football - Series 3 Guide guide plus much more can be found in my Football Cards Forum (now over 4200 members). Click here for 'me' page and find link to forum

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This guide will be updated with all the very latest Futera World Football - Series 3 info. Everything Included within this guide will be facts not guesswork (unlike some guides!) unless I state clearly otherwise.

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**** Futera World Football Series 3 Details ****

FWF Online takes football cards online and interactive to play in live tournaments with other players around the world (Weekly Prizes), and in one-to-one games with friends. Use your manager skills to create your own online Team, build your own Stadium, even ‘Train-up’ your cards to swap and trade to develop your Squad… Become part of FWF’s Online Community with FACEBOOK football news, card trading, quizzes and prize competitions.

It’s FREE to register, and everyone gets a FREE 27 virtual football card Starter Squad when they join.

You can buy FWF Virtual football game cards online for just 49 cents for 10 cards!

Every pack includes 8 Player cards + 1 Manager card + 1 Stadium card plus you get at least 1 free Training Point + free Futera Tokens (save Tokens to redeem for special cards!)

You can also play with special codes on the backs of 'real cards' from  Futera World Football Series 1,2,3 and Unique 2011, 2012 collections.

**** Examples of Cards ****






Autograph (through redemption)

**** Futera World Football Series 1,2,3 and Unique 2011, 2012 Card details ****

In order of playing ability..

(Regular Cards)

base 1 star

base 2 star

base 3 star

base 4 star

4 star World Series

Future Stars (1-4 Star variable)

Classic Stars

Parallel Cards



Gold Super Heroes (World Football Series 2)


Legend Gold Card (Unique 2011 collection)

Memorabelia(Jersey/Shirt)  (Unique 2012, 2011 & World Football Series 1,2)

Memopower Hero (blue background)

Memopower Legend (brown Background)


Legend Auto

One of One


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