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I just bought a 56 reg astra cdti estate with fsh but with 141000 miles on the clock. I thought i was okay as the car has full main dealer service history, to cover the high miles.
 I went to view and test drive the car, which when i examined the car it all seamed to be fine, apart from a few minor stone chips here and there, and the car drove absoloutly fine.
 Upon return from the test drive, the seller offered me to make him an offer and buy it on the spot, which i thought was a bit dodgy, but went along with it as there were lots of people bidding on the car. I made him two offers which he declined and told me he would accept £2250 for the car. We agreed on the £2250 and he dropped the car off at our house later that evening, where we then paid him cash for the car.
 We couldnt use the car straight away as there was no tax on the car which was another problem as he stated that the car was taxed till december 2011, when the car had no tax at all!!
  After a few days we taxed and insured the car and started to use it. I had driven 20 miles in the car and noticed a pool of liquid on the driveway where the car parks. I checked the liquid which turned out to be water with oil in it.
 I took the car to my local garage who stated that the head gasket had gone, which i thought was odd and took the car to another garage for a second opinion, and it is definately the head gasket thats gone!!
  I phoned Phil the seller, who was really helpful, and told me to call back the next morning and he would be speaking to his ex main dealer mechanic (Vauxhall) in the mean time.
 I called back the next day and thats when he began fobbing me off saying he couldnt get hold of his mate as he must be busy, which i went along with. I called him back the day after that and told him that the second garage had just confirmed that it is the head gasket thats gone.
 He told me he would speak to his mate yet again and told me to wait for him to get back to me.... Two days later no call from seller, so on the 3rd day i called him several times and he ignored the calls and didnt get back to me at all for a further two days.
  How ever on the 3rd day i was really worrying as the repair bill was going to be £1000 from the first garage, and £800 from the second.
I still couldnt get hold of the seller after 4 days so out of pure frustration i reported him to ebay and sent him a text message telling him that i believe hes ripped us off and that we want our money back etc, and at the very end of the text i told him that i think hes ripped us off and that i also believe hes a conman.
 That must have touched a nerve as he phoned me instantly, and told me that he was going to fix the car for me at a reduced cost but he "Not inclined to help me now" as i called him a conman. He then told me to contact him through a solicitor if i want to speak to him again, as he doesnt want anything to do with this problem now.
 And now ive had no further contact with him, and were left with a car thats being fixed at garage number 2, at a cost of £800.
  The sellers ebay user id and ebay shop are called gardenmachglos

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