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I've noticed that a number of clearly fake Wreath Crowns have been listed for sale as the genuine article recently and buyers have fallen for them. A seller with no feedback who had only just joined eBay listed a 1934 Wreath Crown as the genuine article with a starting price of 99p. It sold for over £550 - a high price to pay for a curiosity worth about £5. Who on earth would list a genuine coin with such a start price? The genuine coin UNC is worth around £5.000. Currently there is another forgery for sale with a Buy It Now Price of £1,500 - £3,500 below its true value. Would you try to sell a genuine coin so cheaply? The fakes are relatively easy to detect. Because the fakes are made from casts of genuine coins,  the legends are slightly bigger and less sharper than the genuine coins. Many fakes have a particularly dull, greyish appearance, particularly on the obverse side. In the case of silver plated fakes, there are often very small patches where the plating has not taken and the base metal beneath can clearly be seen. Often the fields are not entirely smooth with small faults and particles or tiny bubbles present. The rims are often faulty with additional lines in them.
Buyer beware, if the price is too good to be true - DON'T BID
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