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Hi there, after placing trust in a well established ebay company i thought i would write a review. over 2 months ago i purchased a pajero spoiler from GBK performance and 9 weeks later i have neither a spoiler or a refund. I have rang them about 15 times inbetween then and now and they just keep fobbing me off with excuses and if my memory serves me correct they have said the spoiler has been returned to them 3 times and theyve promised a refund 4 times. I believe this company doesnt stock many of the items they say they have for sale (especially the pajero spoiler) - nearly all the feedback on their profile states the word 'late' or 'eventually it arrived'  BEWARE.. I believe ive lost 70 quid over this and would love to hear from anyone else who has had a similar experience with this company. I have since contacted trading standards and have approximately 6 days left before they will chase up this company. I will update my findings - and would definatley not recommend anyone to purchase from this company - Approach with caution.


I have finally recieved a refund - I have constantly complained to them, i approached trading standards and all the correct letters were sent. Maybe i was just unfortunate but i instist you look at the feedback and judge for yourself. Thanks for reading!

Update 2:

Ok, so im really surprised about the amount of people contacting me about this business and have decided to add more details about this company. They have recently changed their ebay user name to anitajaneking with a contact email of anitaking68 at hotmail dot com and a telephone being - 01398 332228.

The office hours are 9-5 i believe, but give them a ring out of these hours - i have a feeling they might just answer!

Update 3: 25/07/11

I have further contact details on these people but do not wish to post until proven genuine. Please contact me if you want them but you must let me know if the contact is genuine and correct before I let others know.

Update 4: 13/10/11

Hi again! I am still recieving many updates about these people. The latest update from another ebay member:

'Hi, I read your bit about Gary King and Anita King. These people have bought a pub in Brixham Devon, The Burton Hotel Brixham. If you could update your notes and maybe people could get money back by keeping the pressure on them. Hope this helps.'

From this message, a quick google search soon brought up the hotel in question and the contact details associated. Give them a few calls and emails - hound them until they abide by the law instead of taking your money and buying a hotel ;)

Obviously, the information given here is from experience of myself and others. I cannot gaurantee the information is correct and if you have any more information - please please let me know! Thanks!

Update 5: 14/10/11

Also I have found these people on facebook. Might be worth a message or two?

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