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Urinal flushing systems are not the same for all countries.
In fact, United Kingdom, France, and Germany have their own
traditional flushing system, which is the timed flush system.
This system groups public urinals into ten or more and links
them into one cistern. After the cistern is filled with water
up to the tripping point, the urinals are flushed automatically
at regular periods (this type is awfully a waste of water, really).
But, in other countries, the manual flushing system is still the
most commonly installed fixture for public urinals and toilets.
These are almost perfect except for the fact that customers have
problems with the sanitation issues. The most likely scenario is -
since they're afraid to touch the flush handles - they'll either
use tissues or kick the flush handles, which makes the handles
dirtier than usual, to drain down their urine.

Urinating won't have to be such a complicated task to do every
single time if only automatic urinals are present.
The auto flush system is a battery-powered device that uses passive
or active infrared motion detectors to recognize if the urinals
are in active use or not before activating the flushing system -
most of these require the user to stand in front for five seconds
or more for confirmation. The auto flush device doesn't discriminate
any types of urinals or toilets - it wouldn't really matter if you're
still stuck with the old wooden style toilet or the high tank toilet.
That's why this device is very cost-effective because it can be
integrated onto your pre-existing flush handle urinals. As a remedy,
you can buy the battery-powered automatic flush sensors to replace
your manual handles or to regulate the release of water for your
timed-flush urinals.

Ambest offer different automatic toilet and urinal flushing devices
that effectively prevents cross-contamination and eliminate odors
through its wireless flushing system. The overall installation is so
easy that it only takes a minute without even using any type of
equipment. And the batteries are even replaced only every three years.

Although auto flush urinals are available, scheduling a regular
disinfection and general cleaning activity of the entire toilet
should still be maintained. In that way, your customers are exposed
to a clean and germ-free environment.

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