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I have tried to list a few common ways to get the most out of your ipod battery.

The ipod battery is rated to last for approx 14 to 20 (on the 60gb) hours, but it is very doubtful if you will get close to this time without recharging as there are many ways that you drain your ipod's battery (possibly without knowing it).


  • Although the backlight is a very useful feature, it does use battery life, so i advise keeping the use of it to a minimum. In daylight or good lighting conditions, for example turn the feature off. When you are using it in low light conditions set the backlight for as short as time as possible.
  • I personally like the equalizer function but again it uses battery life, so turn it off, playing music with the equalizer feature on uses more battery than playing music with it off.
  • Use the 'Hold' switch to prevent the ipod being accidentally switched on.
  • As silly as it seems, if you are not listening to music, stop playing, use the pause button and resume when you are ready to start listening again.
  • Battery life is used every time you change tracks, so it makes more sense to compile 'playlists' rather than continually changing tracks.
  • Very cold or very hot weather lowers the battery life so try to keep it at a room temperature as often as possible.
  • And for the last tip, the most obvious, turn it off when not in use. Although the battery still works in the background (to keep the clock going) it uses less battery turned off than it does if it were on pause for a long period of time.

I hope that these tips have been useful in some way, and if they have please don't forget to click the YES button at the bottom of the page.


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