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Having just done my hair, and being soooo impressed as I am with my GHDs, I thought I would let others know.  I have the curliest, finest hair ever (AND LOADS OF IT TOO) & tried everything, blow-drying which is always a nightmare as soon as damp weather comes so I end up looking like a Frizzball.  Ive also spent a fortune on cheaper straighteners which claim to do what GHDs do, but NEVER EVER do, so you always get that "Curly Hair Trying To Be Straight Look" which I absolutely hate.

My GHDs cost me £79 off e-bay & I hummed & ahhhed for an absolute age before spending the money, its alot when you have 2 teenagers etc etc.  Well I can honestly say its the best £79 Ive ever spent (so far as my hair goes anyway....).  I have shoulder length hair & it literally takes me 10 minutes to do (I can also recommend Nicky Clarke's Straightening Spray which is FANTASTIC) & you would never know I have curly frizzy hair.

Of course, after the Watchdog Programme, make sure its the newer models that you buy (I dont think the old ones are still available anyway) & always unplug them when not in use (even my Daughter unplugs hers now - Phew a task to get her to remember but she does now - bless...).

Anyay, I hope this is of interest to the Curly Frizzers out there (like myself) as its great to have the versatility of being curly when I want, but then being as straight as I like too.  I never thought I would be in my element at having the curls.....




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