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Want to buy GHD`s but dont want to be conned?

Here are a couple of small things that you can look out for that might save you from wasting your money and risking your safety!!

We`ve all been there, you want to buy something but the price tag is just a little too high so we shop around and 9 times out of 10 end up on ebay. Most of the time we find what we are looking for and get a bargian but sometimes we get had...thats what happened to me!!

I desperately wanted a set of GHDs but couldnt afford them , then my husband got a new job and decided to treat me but the set i liked were £155 + in all of the shops so i wondered onto ebay.

I was already aware that there are fakes out there so i didnt buy the cheapest i could find. I shopped around for someone with good feedback and loads of it!!

I found a seller with 1661 positive feedbacks and it was 100% positive too....cant be a bad seller then??

The GHDs` were listed as an unwanted gift hence the low price ....£100 instead of the £155 in the shops so i went for it!!

they came and i loved them!

I checked the packaging...looked good. The straightnes looked great, The disks were all included and it all looked good...they even worked well!!

a couple of days later i realised that on the label it said to register them online so i sat down at the computer and tried to register them...thats when i found out id be had!!

the number on the label wasnt genuine so i thought id try the one on the straighners good either...damn!!

i started googling and then i knew for sure they were fake!

they had the hologram and the numbers to confirm they were real, even the suggestion on the label that i should register them but it was all just a good copy!

give aways -

1. the number on the label and on the straightners should match
2. the model number on the straightner should end with a letter that refers to the colour of your ghd...GHD 4.1 B is for a black model...mine had this but were purple!!

the only way to be sure you are buying real GHDS is to buy from GHD and their site has some great offers but if you do want to get them here be careful!

ask the seller to confirm the number of the GHDs and call GHD or look online to confirm they are real. Get the seller to check BOTH numbers are the same and check to model number too!

it might seem like a lot to do but fakes are not safe, they can be dangerous and if they break you are not covered!!

If you do buy a real set...ENJOY!!!
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