GHD Straighteners, The Facts, GHD, Korea, Jemella !

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Jemella are the distributors for GHD in the UK
They are not the distributors for outwith the UK so in otherwords.....

GHD's are available to buy on the continent and not as highly priced as the RRP which Jemella set here in the UK thereby strangling the UK market by only supplying approved salons or buying from the GHD website.

This is not the case if bought outwith of the UK.

All GHD irons are manufactured in Korea, all are universal voltage thereby not exclusive to the UK market only.

If Jemella have nothing to hide, maybe they would like to reveal the manufacturers in Korea that actually manufacture their products to be sold to the UK & European markets at substantially inflated prices??

And further to this......if VERO can remove any seller that sells GHD's on Ebay for trademark infringement, surely anything with a make on it....Ford, VW, Vauxhall, Nike, Adidas would also come under that stipulation as they also carry trademarks?

Loosen the grip you have on the UK market Jemella & then we might actually buy from you !
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