GHD fake hair straighteners

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Ask yourself the following questions before you pay up to £100 for FAKE GHDs on e-Bay:

1) WHY has the seller got the item (GHD HAIR STRAIGHTENERS) on a ONE DAY AUCTION?

2) WHY is the seller suddenly selling "a batch" of GHDs at the same time (usually to take advantage of Christmas!).

3) WHY does the seller have only a few (perhaps "old e-Bay purchases") credits to his name but show 100% (always OBSERVE what you see...e.g. seller anybody7(1) 100% feedback....Yes, but only ONE TRANSACTION (1) on e-Bay). They'll try to gain your confidence by attaining 100% feedback...what else are they selling???

4) WHEN your FAKE is seized by CUSTOMS or TRADING STANDARDS will you get your money back...or will you be happy in the knowledge that those FAKE GHDs did not get a chance to harm you, or worse still YOUR CHILD by faulty inferior electricals etc. ETC!

5) CHECK THE HOLOGRAM....register immediately with GHD and see whether it comes up as a counterfeit!Get PayPal to refund you!!!


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