GK76a Fuel Tap/Petcock repair

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If your GK76a/GSXR-400 1990 onwards has a leaking fuel tap and no one seems to know how to repair it or even if you can buy a repair kit..read on and save a lot of money and hassle trying to get a new one at £170+.

Suzuki like many other manufacturer's try to make parts inter-changeable with other models so as to keep production costs down and the GK76a is no exception.

My fuel tap was leaking like a sieve and no one could help with a repair kit or how to repair it other than buy a new one at £170+ pounds.....

Research paid off after finding the original part number and finding out the Suzuki GSXR 750 and 1100 from the same era shared the same fuel tap.....result. The Gk76a as you know was never officially imported to the Uk unlike the GSXR 750/1100...so parts are hard to find..every Tom,Dick and Harry sells chains,sprockets,brake pads etc..but ask for parts like a fuel tap repair kit and you hit a brick wall....they like to sell you these bikes but then abandon you when you need their help with spares.

Even the so called experts don't bother cross referencing for you and it didn't take much detective work to find the results as above.

So it's easy, buy a repair kit for a 750/1100 but remember you will need the full kit with rubber bellows and "o" rings and not just the seal that joins the tap to the tank. You also need to check with the seller and don't just rely on the picture of the item that one of the rubber bellows has a hole in it.

I bought mine for £17.50 plus postage so don't pay silly prices and don't let anyone say Suzuki don't do them...Suzuki may not make one themselves but other companies in Japan do.
Using the repair kit is childs play but the inner seal (the larger one in the kit) is a bastard if you are faint hearted.
You need to use a metal drift from behind the seal to knock it out using the platic insert to help, tickle it and it won't budge but hammer like your doing the wife and you'll break it..gently does it.
Use a socket the same size to put the new one in and there you have it a repaired fuel tap...
One last thing..remember how the whole thing goes back as your dismantling it..put the bellows back the wrong way round and it won't work or put the springs in wrong....or if the hole on the one bellow doesn't line up...

Need help..message me....
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