GNLD Omega3 the secret to Long Life is World Finest Oil

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Omega-3 is the Secret to Long Life

Scientist are warning Omega 3 Salmon Oil is the Secret to Long Life.  The World Health Organisation are sounding the alarms that our diet need to be rich in  omega 3 fatty acid for a better health and is a secret to Long life. 

There are 8 fatty acid involved in human nutrition and science has shown that together the fatty acids play a vital role in nutrition for moms, children and adult.

For moms omega3 is necessary for maintaining a healthy heart, cardiovascular system, heart healthy blood chemistry, strong cell strructure and efficient function and for protective inflamatory balance for flexible joints and to help boost the immune system.

For baby they are the key building blocks for the brain and central nervous system and development of the optic nerve and retina. 

Not all fish are a good source of omega 3 fatty acid and it is known that many fish a contaminant as they carry heavy metals like lead and mercury which is considered dangerous to mother and child!

What is the answer?  It is Whole food omega 3 supplement from GNLD.

GNLD OMEGA 3 SALMON OIL PLUS is potent. Delivering the whole 8 omega 3 fatty acids in every serving.

GNLD OMEGA 3 SALMON OIL PLUS is pure.  Carefully tested and screened for ZERO tolerance from contaminants.

GNLD OMEGA 3 SALMON OIL PLUS is proven. Clinically proven to be fast and effective source of omega 3 fatty acid nutrition.  Clinical test results has been published in Scientific journals such as Journal of the American College of Nutrition and eendorsement by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

When it comes to choosing your omega 3 supplement make sure you are taking the best.  Seek for wholefood omega3 supplement from GNLD.  This is whole food from the food chain based in nature and backed by science.  Your Health is your greatest Wealth.








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